Realize Your Values

Measuring and Implementing Corporate Responsibility

Time and again research shows that consumers, and business-to-business customers, would rather do business with an ethical company. Operating ethically results in:

Improved productivity
Increased profitability
Improved employee morale
Enhanced recruitment and retention of employees
Better company reputation
Long-term success

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Ethics Strategy

We are Canada's most experienced full service Ethics consultancy.

We empower individuals, businesses and organizations with the insights, tools and research to apply their values across life's daily challenges for your company's ethics development.

Organizational Consulting
Ethics Audit
Update Code of Ethics

Ethics Training

Canada's largest course offering in the Ethics field

We design and deliver customized training courses for businesses and organizations, as well as develop multi-stakeholder engagement programs.

Ethics Education
Safe Partnering
Sustainability by Design
Complaint Investigation

Ethics Reinforcement

Third parties such as suppliers, donors, consultants and partners can enhance your organization's performance when their practices align with your own.

Selecting a suitable partner requires doing ethical, sustainable and legal due diligence or in the ethics business. We have created programs to help you with this,

Donor Screening
Supply Chain Do Diligence
Safe Partnering

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